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Should you be afraid of going bold?

Should you be afraid of going to bold…. The answer is no!  

Often the result of layering bold patterns and textures can be a beautiful and serene space that is chalk full of depth and interest.  Gone are the days of taking that ‘big risk’ and painting one RED wall to achieve that wow factor.  Of course, this could be the perfect design solution for your space, but there are so many alternatives to reaching the wow!

All too often we come across the fear and concern of being ‘too busy’.  Of course, we should follow the golden rule, less is more, but not always when it comes to an opportunity to incorporate an eclectic mix of finishes and adding layers of pattern and texture to a design.  Keep the design simple, and then add the interest.  The results can be breathtaking!    

Here are a few tips for going bold, in an understated way:

1. Go bold with finish selections

There is no need to worry about trends.  The design world is so diverse right now.  Everything is trending from traditional, to country, to modern design… and a mix of any of those 3.  Pick the finishes you love.  And if you can’t decide on one finish, lets mix 2 together… or maybe even 3.  A few things to keep in mind, when mixing materials: 

  • We want to consider that the finishes complement each other but still create enough contrast that they don’t look like you tried to go for a match but didn’t get it right.
  • Find one finish that pulls all the finishes together.  In a kitchen design this is often the countertop or the tile.
  • Repetition is key.  Repeat the finishes throughout the space.  This helps to create that balance and serenity we all crave.

2. Go bold by layering pattern and texture 

There is no need to worry about being too busy with a small-scale tile pattern.  When a small patterned tile is installed in a large space it can sometimes feel more like a texture vs a busy pattern, and the effect can be lovely.  Here are a few tips for incorporating patterned tile into your design:

  • Consider the other finishes.  If there is a lot of colour and pattern in your countertop or flooring, you want to make sure your tile doesn’t fight with these textures.  Pull a solid colour from these finishes and choose whatever tile pattern and scale you would like.
  • Cover the entire space when possible.  Yes, less is more, but sometimes a seamless and continuous texture creates a simpler look overall.  Why not tile around a window or all the way to the ceiling to avoid a break in the pattern.
  • When applying a small scale or patterned tile, consider using a matching grout vs a contrasting grout.  This will help blend the pattern together, giving you that unified look and overall feeling of a subtle texture that adds depth to the space!

We recently completed our modern farmhouse project which is the perfect example of a bold and eclectic space.  These are a few images that illustrate mixing different styles.  

The finishes are repeated throughout the adjoining spaces.  The kitchen backsplash is the perfect selection for the huge range wall.  It compliments the countertop perfectly, repeating the bright white and grey, and it allows the custom knotty alder range hood to be the show stopper!  

Take a look at more of our projects to see how you can bring some boldness to your space!

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