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Why we love Essence Cabinets!

We work with Essence Cabinets, a locally manufactured cabinet line that is diverse in style and rich in quality. Want to know more about why we love working with them? 

Support Local

We love working with a cabinet manufacturer that is within driving distance. Not only is it a beautiful top of the line facility, this fact also helps to lighten shipping costs on all our orders.  Being accessible to the factory also allows us at Workshop to really get to know the Essence Team.

Special Projects Team

As a design business, we want to work with a cabinetry line that is flexible with our creative ideas.  The Special Projects Team is there to support these ideas and help work out the fine details of an outside of the box cabinet design.

Selection of Finishes and Door-Styles

If quality is everything in cabinetry, then finish selections are next! With over 30 different door-styles and finishes to choose from, we can find the perfect design solution for your space. And if we can’t quite find it… we can make it! The qualified finishing team at Essence Cabinets will colour match any stain selection we have made. Custom paint colours are available too!

Quality of Finishes

And we just said it, quality is everything! All of Essence’s finishes are water based, which means a limited amount of VOC’s!  Water based finishes are what are best for your health and best for the environment. To ensure durability, all their finishes get a lacquer top coat that is UV cured.  Curing with UV light eliminates VOC’s completely and creates a much harder and more durable finish with high moisture and stain resistance. The painted finishes have a built in cross catalyst that helps to strengthen the paint as it cures. Essence Cabinet’s finishes are designed to stand the day to day wear and tear! 

Learn more about what products we offer from Essence Cabinets on our Products page, or learn more about Essence Cabinets on their website.